The ADC From Gutekunst Optiksysteme:  
  Goal of the atmospheric dispersion corrector (ADC):

The ADC corrects the effects on the telescope image caused by the atmospheric dispersion to maintain the full optical performance of the telescope.

Features of the Gutekunst Optiksysteme ADC:

  • the only corrector on the market which ensures diffraction limited images by maintaining the optical performance of the telescope.
  • easy adjustment optimization of the dispersion correction by:
    - object keeps absolutely its position during the adjsutment
    - only one adjustment srew is need for adjustment (dispersion elements are
    automatically synchronized)
  • The aperture of 38mm of the ADC Professional allows observations free of vignetting even with 2" eyepieces up to 31mm. The 28mm aperture of the ADC compact is absolutely sufficient for visual observations with 1.25" eyepieces and with observations with binocular viewer.
  • The optimized focus extender of the ADC Professional maintains the full diffraction limited optical performance of telescopes with F number smaller then F10.